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Showing Their Commitment to a Better World

Annalee and Wag Schorr

Annalee and Wag Schorr

"We've always appreciated the role Planned Parenthood plays," say the Schorrs. Wag Schorr, who recently turned 85, and his wife, Annalee, have been Planned Parenthood supporters for decades, and they've included Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) in their planned giving legacy.

Ten years ago, the Schorrs met with their accountant to discuss their estate plan, and they chose to support several beloved organizations, including PPRM, with gifts that would come to full fruition upon their passing. "This is the smart way to create a true legacy of giving," says Wag. In addition, the Schorrs proudly support PPRM in their annual giving.

For them, it's all about the mission. "We truly understand the need for individuals to control the trajectory of their lives through contraception and through making informed decisions about their health care," the couple says. Wag is a doctor and Annalee is an artist. Their grown children are doctors as well, and as a family they understand the critical importance of access to high-quality, affordable health care.

"We consider ourselves feminists," says Annalee, "and we feel very strongly that birth control should be readily available. In the art world, I come in contact with so many different kinds of people. Some of my closest friends suffer financial hardships. This truly underscores the need for a community resource like Planned Parenthood."

The proud grandparents of five granddaughters, the Schorrs show their commitment to a better world for our neighbors, our communities and the next generation in their generous support of PPRM.

Like the Schorrs, you can help others in the future who will need to make the most informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health care with your estate gift. To learn more, contact the Development Office at 303.813.7638 or [email protected].

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